Who is your Prince…share with me!

Last night I watched  Hanna Montana The Movie and falling in love with the actor who played as Travis (Lucas Till)
He also play at Taylor Swift’s vclip – You Belong To Me. He is very handsome, calm, and I love to see him when he riding a horse.  He remind me of a white horse prince who always craved by every woman in the world.
Do you have images of your white horse prince? I want to know who is he * bagi yang pria boleh jawab kok ^^* Brad Pitt * dulu sie begitu..sampe sekarang masih suka sama Brad Pitt kok ^^? Jonny Deep * makin jatuh cinta saat liat dia di The Public Enemies? or….? Share with me guys !

10 thoughts on “Who is your Prince…share with me!

    • evelynpy says:

      di filmnya dia ganteng banget pas pake baju koboi…pas kencan juga keren pas dia pake jas….hehehehe…bener2 mirip seperti pangen harry cuman yang ini lebih muda dan ga botak

  1. Mint says:

    Edward Norton is the best… he’s cool, stunning, smart, and good-looking guy.. slim and not type of big muscled.. i love this man, and hope that my dreamy prince just like him!!

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