Waxing at Nail Pia


Every human  in this world not always born perfectly, right? I have a weakness in my legs.  It makes me fell lack of confidence when wearing a skirt or shorts in public.
I actually want to cover my weakness and turn it into a surplus in a positive way. What can i do to change it?! The answer is WAXING. Last Saturday,  I did waxing for the first time.  Pls, Don’t  asked me how it felt? I’ll answer a little sore, itchy * because the glue which contains wax * and happy.  You will feel surprise when the servant put the glue in  our feet.  But…after that nothing happen. I really enjoy the moment…hahahahahha. For those of you whose skin is easily irritated or sensitive never do it coz believe me the itch will come and very disturbing.

I only spent $ 8 at Nail Pia, Galaxy Mall * love the decoration so much…full of purple*.  It takes approximately 1 hour….but for the sake of beauty then it does not matter to me. The next question is…. what would I do if these hair reappeared and more dense? * i can’t imagine the answer*