My 1st BBQ Party

Our meal

Celebrated 22th Shienny b’day at her house last Sunday. My 1st BBQ party in my life. My friends think i can’t cook well but i think they wrong.. * i can cook…coz i living alone at my house without housemaid so i have to cook, so  don’t jugde me by the cover pls…* Next time i’ll show you guys how pro i am 😆

cook cook cook

I love sushi very much but i don’t like raw food. Yup..i ate some raw beef n chicken…damn…. but i really enjoy the party eventhough  i ate a lot of puddings.  My Stomach full of puddings ..

Shenny, Oong, Novi n me

I wanna have another BBQ party again… i don’t care if i eat raw food but i really need picio… 😆

Happy b'day shenolHappy b’day Shen….. 😀

* Thx a lot Ong, u make me remember that i have this pattern n now i use it again*


19 thoughts on “My 1st BBQ Party

  1. u-ung says:

    iya ketok’e menarik pol ya..benere enuk2 kok..cuma ya begitulah…agak kurang matang di sana-sini!!!hahaaha but,overall enak2 kok..apalagi podeng & es buahnya..mantapp!!

    • evelynpy says:

      Ayo….enak lho…bisa makan banyak, ngerumpi pisan… asik dah…meski masakan pasti nggak mateng 😆

      @ titiw:
      Say…siapa bilang badan aku nggak gede?! Badan memang nggak, perut yang iya..jadi ya kudu makan banyak say soalnya kasian naga yang didalem bisa marah kalo kurang makannya

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