5 random facts about me

I write this post coz i don’t know what to do! Headache all day long plus i just restore my iphone and all of the pictures in it are gone! Stupid me i forgot to back up it on i cloud!

Ok well 5 random facts about me:

1. I’m an owl lady! The idea always come up at midnight and if it’s coming i just can’t stop working! Don’t copy this habbit! Coz of that i always drink coffee at afternoon to shoo my sleepy during 3pm.

2. I can do a layout under 15minutes. Just paste here and there, don’t think about any technique and just wanna have fun. But yeah i admit when my mood suddenly gone and my brain telling me to not to do the scrap thing 15 minutes is just the beginning to gathering the materials and start sketch the layout.

3. Really wanna go to Korea hope this year or maybe next year! Try so hard to save my money for it!

4. I love snacking!

5. Always ordering the same food in the same restaurant!

So what about you? Tell me your 5 random facts about you and drop the link here!

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