So Proud of Myself!!!

my mom n my father*eating Chinese food at Ta Wa. Love you mom n dad!!!

I’m so satisfied got a job while still on probation for 3 months. If anyone asks me what job…… I wouldn’t not answered  because I have a stalker who really sucks!!! Yesterday, August 31th, 2009  was a special date for me. Why? Because on that date where my first paycheck with my own sweat. Well actually this is not the first paycheck for work professionally.   Previously I had been a private tutor and assistant lecturer with a satisfactory salary at the time I was in college.

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My Mall, My House, Sound Crazy Ha?!

Indonesian Food

I can’t believe my self that i spent my day at TP till 9.30 pm!! I’m nuts! Going to Tunjungan Plaza with my BFF without a plan.  I think i’ve got free  syndrom after i pass my thesis proposal. Meli and i going to the mall earlier coz U-ung wanna go to Mercure first. Meli and Me ate Madam Pai and Goota’s Ice Cream and talking about her relationship with some one. I love Taro and Oreo flavor very much, i don’t care if i eat melamin and its can make my body in danger. We are waiting U-ung to join with us, its take 1 hours grgrgrgrgr….don’t do this again sis!! I ask Meli to watching BOLT with me and U-ung, she refuse it coz she hate cartoon.  I think watching a cinema can make us happy and forget about the past or what happent on last week.

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