Happy Travel With Shimelle Go Now Go

@americancrafts @geekgalz scrapbook layout shimelle

Coffee + Travel plus Shimelle Go Now Go by American Crafts are perfect to scrap with! This layout is about travel layout, about How I enjoy my first cup of coffee while I travel to Bali.

@americancrafts @geekgalz scrapbook layout shimelle

Blue, Red and Green not my fav colors, but sometimes I really wanna give it a try and I find perfect design in this collection. I use those cute map, passport stamp pattern papers layering them all behind the photo to make my travel layout has travel feel.

@americancrafts @geekgalz scrapbook layout shimelle

The airplane, the globe are perfect touch for my travel layout. I push my self to be brave and enjoy using bold and colorfull colors beside pastels!

@americancrafts @geekgalz scrapbook layout shimelle

Hope this can inspire you to create a same layout or same theme for your memory keeping! Don’t be afraid to use travel theme for your everyday life theme. They are so many possibilities to create a pretty one.

@americancrafts @geekgalz scrapbook layout shimelle


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