This is the first time for Jasper to go to Bali and it’s also become his first flight experience. He’s super excited when he see the airplane in real life. Before that he always say ‘Airplane’ where ever he see it up in the sky.  I decided to create vlog about our first family short vacay in Bali and upload it on my youtube channel.

I also wanna share some summer photos that I and hubby took at Canggu Beach Bali using Fuji Film XT10.










Even its only 3 days 2 night I do really enjoy my family time in Bali. So hard to just sitting down and relax, enjoy the mojito or some coffee in fancy cafe when you are having a  son who loves run. But yeah still I love it so so much.  I almost forget that I have my iphone. We always keep smile and enjoy our day, the bitter sweet in our short vacay become a great story that I will remember the most. Can’t wait to plan next family trip and share it here but before that let me scrap this photos and make it to mini album.





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