Video: Saturday By Dear Lizzy American Crafts and Travel Notebooks

@americancrafts @geekgalz @dearlizzy travelnotebook scrapbook reviewSaturday collection by Dear Lizzy American Crafts is perfect for your everyday life or weekend theme. This collection is perfectly fit with my travel notebook. Those yellow taxi paper is perfect for my travel notebook cover. I use the yellow taxi paper as the cover and create it using washi tape, rubber embellishment and black varnish stickers and also puffy sticker. Even I don’t have yellow taxi in my country (just blue, orange and black) I falling in love with this icon this time!

I also have video unboxing about this Saturday Collection and some projects inspirations:

@americancrafts @geekgalz @dearlizzy travelnotebook scrapbook review

I already cut some cards from the paper collection because I’m so ready to do travel notebook on the go. Put the cards, the puffy stickers, the yellow taxi paper clip and slip it to the little pocket. The size of the puffy stickers, black varnish stickers are perfect for travel notebook sizes.

@americancrafts @geekgalz @dearlizzy travelnotebook scrapbook review

I also do the same thing with my back little pocket. I have to be prepare and make my travel notebook cute. I also bring two wood clothe pins and clip it on the back.

@americancrafts @geekgalz @dearlizzy travelnotebook scrapbook review

For the spread, I just use the card again from the paper collection. Paste a photo of my hubby that I took in one of famous café in Bali. Decorate the photo with puffy stickers and also rubber embellishment.

@americancrafts @geekgalz @dearlizzy travelnotebook scrapbook review

To dress up my travel  notebook, I use those wood bead charms and tie it together with my another charms that I already have.

@americancrafts @geekgalz @dearlizzy travelnotebook scrapbook review

I also make those yellow taxi as my paper clip.

@americancrafts @geekgalz @dearlizzy travelnotebook scrapbook review



2 thoughts on “Video: Saturday By Dear Lizzy American Crafts and Travel Notebooks

  1. Jeanne says:

    Dear Lizzy always be my favorite!! and your video really makes me want to scrap again, or at least make a travel journal/mini travel album. hahaha..
    Eve, where did you print your photos?

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