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(disclaimer: This is a personal blog. All editorial content and projects are intellectual property of evelynpy. I do receive financial compensation and products from American Crafts to develop certain blog posts, but all of the ideas and opinions are my own.)


@americancrafts @dearlizzy scrapbook @geekgalz

You know I’m such a big fans of Coffee! Usually I drink coffee everyday! So I have so many photos of it in different style and places. This time, I scrap one of my coffee photos using Dear Lizzy and mix it with Amy Tangerine collection. I use old and new and mix it, make it into modern triangle geometric design.

@americancrafts @dearlizzy scrapbook @geekgalz

My color combo this time is pink, brown, black, and yellow. I make my 8.5×11 scrapbook layout looks bright and pastel for coffee photo which is usually dark.

@americancrafts @dearlizzy scrapbook @geekgalz

I decorate my photo using word acetate ephemera by Amy Tan, some word stickers, flowers ephemera, clear stickers and some enamels. I do simple layering using some of that pretty embellishments by American Crafts.

@americancrafts @dearlizzy scrapbook @geekgalz

Even this is just a layout about coffee but I do really wanna remember the story behind it. So I write down the story using my small handwriting in the free white space.

@americancrafts @dearlizzy scrapbook @geekgalz

This is full layout about it. I just do some fussy cutting to make those triangles. I didn’t measure it before. After that I just paste randomly around the photo, not to close with other so it can looks balance.

If you are love this layout, feel free to scraplift it and don’t forget to mention me on instagram: @geekgalz.


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