Fast Scrap Tutorial Using CTK April Kits EP01

DSCF1570-2 copy

It’s been a long time I didn’t post something new here in my blog, please forgive me about that! Today while my son enjoying his nap time I have a time to scrap and do blog post thing.

So this time is a fast scrap by me, it’s a easy peasy tutorial to create fast scrapbooking layout. Because I’m so excited with what I got from @citrustwistkits April Main and Embellishment Kits, I forgot to share some scrap stuff before I use all of it for my layout. In this post I created simple layout in 8.5x11inch using two photos in 6x9cm.

step 1

I paste the photos of my son side by side right in the middle of the page.

Step 2

I paste some puffy sticker from Pink Fresh Studio that you can find it in the kit in the top of the photo and also in the bottom one. For the tittle I paste the yellow puffy alpha also from the same company. Because the photo its about my son pretend to call someone so the tittle is ‘Hello, It’s me’. For the Its and Me I paste across the puffy boxes so it will be give some movement to your layout.

Step 3

Here the look of the draft of my layout. As a background I use exclusive design paper by CTK.  choose it because it has yellow mist splitter and match with my color theme. I also paste some yellow stars and ampersand as a final touch. You can use UHU or double tape to paste it to the background.

Stel 6

To fill the empty space right in the bottom of the blue banner, I use some pink enamels dots paste it some of and do some stamping.

Step 6

Last but not least I write down the location of the photos and also the month of it.

Step 8

And here is the final result!

Step 7

I finish this under 60mins, you just need the kit, and tape to created a layout.

If you don’t have much time like me to create a scrapbooking layout just make it simple and fast but still can show the memories. Hope this post can inspiring you! Happy scrapping!

If you wanna lift this layout do it and don’t forget to mention me at my instagram: @geekgalz and use hastag #fastscrapgeekgalz


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