Short Holiday at Malang City and ‘Museum Angkut’


Finally my hubby asked me to go to another city having short holiday with me and my Jasper and also my mother in law. Actually I do really need short holiday, everything is going crazy, my job, my job as a mom through Sept-Nov when I have so many wedding photo shoot schedule. I think I deserve a short holiday. I didn’t expect to much, I just want to go to another place, staying at fancy hotel, enjoy the food and swimming with Jasper. One night is enough for me to go to Malang, East Java last week but now I realize that I need more holiday time!


When we touch down at Malang, we go to the one of the fancy cafe in town called: Djati Lounge. Taking some photos of us is a must beside order a snack and ice juice.I order fried mushroom and peach orange mix juice. I didn’t expect that the mushroom is so yum, especially the sauce!


It took more less 2 hours to go to Malang City by car, and thanks God my son not that cranky that day. After we enjoy our lunch, time to check in the hotel. We choose to stay at Harris Hotel Malang, booked the largest room that they got for 4 people. Here is the view of the hotel.





So after we see the swimming pool in this hotel I decided to enjoy my swimming time with my Jasper. He so excited even the water lil bit cold.



The next day I still want to enjoy our hotel, so me and my hubby strolling around the hotel with Jasper.






After we checked out from the hotel, we stopping by at the local coffee shop it called 8OZ. I order capucinno and also green tea waffle and hubby order picollo.





The cafe is quite nice, the food to sweet for me but the coffee it self so yum! My Jasper love the waffle so much, I didn’t expect that?! So happy I can see Jasper enjoy the food so much. His also curious with the taste of the coffee, He keep asking his dad to try it but his dad to scare to try it to Jasper because isn’t the time yet Jasper enjoy the coffee.

The last two photos are our photos in the Museum Angkut at Batu CIty. Jasper isn’t in the good mood, so hard for me to enjoy the museum and take some photos of him. You can see some of our photos in this place in my Instagram.



Thanks for your time reading  my short holiday and enjoy the photos. I do really enjoy my time with family!







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