Memory Notebook – Perfect Photo Sizes

(disclaimer: This is a personal blog. All editorial content and projects are intellectual property of evelynpy. I do receive financial compensation and products from American Crafts to develop certain blog posts, but all of the ideas and opinions are my own.) 


I’m normally not planner addict! However, ever since Pink Paislee released the new Memory Notebook I am amazed with it and have fallen in love!  I love the design of the notebook, I a plan to use it as a mini diary that can help me document my life.  I kept my design style simple but cute, and I also tried to make it more memorable. Which will have photos of my daily life (coffee, travel and also my baby photos) and I also want to use as a journal. The goal is to highlight what happened with my life in one month without the constrictions of having it chronological order.

Since this is my first time decorating my Memory Notebook, I made a video that can show the perfect photo sizes and will help guide you to choose your own photos. Don’t worry, I’m here to help!

And lastly enjoy my final notebook spread!



For the first spread I focused on my babies life.


I glued some photos randomly, I didn’t use the same dates because I just wanted to make this page more fun. I still wrote down what I need to do using those colorfull label, but also wrote down some stories to explain the photos.


In this page, I wanted to create another cute page about me and how much I love coffee!


I dedicated this page for my baby boy, how he learned something new.


Last but not least the page about me and hubby. The format is still the same, I maximized the left side for the details and also highlighted a photo on the right side.

Enjoy decorating your Memory Notebook and have fun!


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