Lareia Food Testing

Lareia test food cover by Evelynpy

Such an honor for me I can attend this event by Lareia Cafe. They invited me to do the cake testing, one of 48 chosen candidats via Instagram. My first experience and I’m so excited! I have to try 14 new cakes and fill the comments so they can decide which cake become new hero at their store.

Lareia test food 2 by EvelynpyLareia test food 4 by Evelynpy

When I came to their cafe, my eyes falling in love with the clean and simple decor. White + Yellow + Natural Light = so me! My perfect afternoon and let’s the party begin.!

Lareia test food 9 by Evelynpy

I bring my iphone and also my DSLR 5DMK2 and 24-70mm MK2 to capture the moment. I decided to use my DSLR to capture everything, the pretty new cakes, the ambiance, the people.

Lareia test food 1 by Evelynpy

Lareia test food 10 by Evelynpy

Lareia test food 13 by Evelynpy

Lareia test food 11 by Evelynpy

Lareia test food 12 by Evelynpy

See as I told you before – the cakes, yes yes they are so pretty, so eye candy. Hard for me to not take some pics of them all. I forget about the name but I still remember the taste of them all. 14 cakes, can you imagine that?! Forget about my diet, let’s enjoy this event.

Lareia test food 7 by Evelynpy

I met some food Instagramers and also Instagram celebrities in my town in this event. Chit chatting, busy with the camera, and they are so friendly.

Lareia test food 6 by Evelynpy

Writing some comments for every single cake that I ate was hard for me. But I know me better, I try to make it easy. I don’t like sour dessert, I love light and fresh dessert with great texture and yes they have to be eye candy.

Lareia test food 5 by Evelynpy

Finally after all this years we met up again in this event. All of you here must know Inijie. the famous food blogger in town.

Lareia test food 3 by Evelynpy

Also let me introduce you  the owner of Lareia Cafe. Smart and talented young lady: Karin! Again big thanks for the invitation and the yummy cakes.

Lareia test food 8 by Evelynpy

Last but not least the whole gangs in this event yesterday afternoon (May 19th, 2015 – 3pm). See you next time in another Food Testing. *wink


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