@geekgalz evelynpy @jillibeansoup

Lately I came up with 6×8 layout, doesn’t mean i bore with the square format but wanna try something new. Today I wanna share two layouts, 6×8 for Jillibean Soup using their Soup Staples III. The 1st layout still about my baby boy. How I adore him when he sleep, I believe all of mommies agree with me. Orange and yellow still become my fav this time.

@geekgalz evelynpy @jillibeansoup

The second layout is about my hubby, how I adore him and decided to create a layout for him. I use white mini placemat as a tittle of this layout. I love using white on white and love the final result.

@geekgalz evelynpy @jillibeansoup

And I also created two ‘spring’ cards using some butterflies

@geekgalz evelynpy @jillibeansoup

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