Hey this time I wanna share about my layout for Blinksoflife using Truffles and Tea Kit. I already share my layouts in my Instagram around last week, but still I need to publish it here. This time I come up with clean and simple layout design. I always do the clean and simple design if we talk about Blinksoflife Kit. I wanna try something new and I think I love the result.

Awesome me by EvelynpyMy first layout or BOL is full of Crate Paper frames. Oh I love this frames! The colors and the quality are so good! I decided to decor every single frames in this layout, what do you think? Wanna try?

Goodtimes by EvelynpySee I just can’t stop using those fantastic frame in this layout and I have another layout using another frames. In the second layout I use the frame to frame my photo. Instead of cut my photos,I just paste the frames. The fit photos makes me boring.

Coffee Shop by Evelynpy

Another tips using those frame is in the third layout. I deliberately stack the frames and give some movement in the last frame. Again I love to make my frame more pretty! Just paste some stickers and pop it up. I also do the same thing in my fourth layout.

Happy Place by EvelynpyWhat do you think about this coffee layout?! Yes Yes my happy place is coffee shop so recently I create some scrap layouts about coffee.

Hey by EvelynpyOk enough talking about how I use those frames, now let me show you my ‘mint or tosca’ layout. Still focusing on the design I create this layout. What do you think? Like it or not? I just wanna try something new and still have great design.

OOTD by EvelynpyMy last layout is about OOTD of my baby Jasper. Please don’t get bored when you see my layout also full o sequins lately. I just love finishing my layout using it. Make it more pretty than before


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