New Born Photos of Sebastian Jasper

Jasper 6 by Evelynpy

I wanna try to make my blog more interesting than just uploading scrap photos, I believe some of you love to see my works via Studio Calico Gallery.

Well this time I wanna share about my little baby boy Sebastian Jasper. I took some photos of him by my self when he was 2 weeks old. Yes you can see this photo is his new born photos.

Jasper 5 by Evelynpy

I don’t have any theme for Jasper, I just comes up with everything white and use props that I have. I don’t have time to think clearly on that time because I was super exhausted become new mommy who has to handle new born baby by my self.

Jasper 4 by Evelynpy

In this photos I use my Canon 5DMK2, 24-70MK2, edit the photo using Lightroom and Photoshop. I prefer Lightroom to give photo tone and after that using Photoshop to make it more contrast.

Jasper 7 by Evelynpy

Yes I create my photo tone my by self, I love pastel colors tone, use it almost in every photo. Wanna try high contrast tone someday and also film tone,still searching it before I buy. I wanna buy the right one because the price isn’t that cheap. For new born baby photo I prefer not to give some contrast, because it will makes it looks so strong.

Jasper 1 by Evelynpy

How I feel when I did this photoshoot?


Because he’s my son, I’ve been waiting almost two years to have Jasper and I never be a mommy before who meet new born baby. So completly blank how to make him pose. Thanks God my mother in law coming in the right time, so she did it and teach me some pose.

Jasper 2 by Evelynpy

Hope you enjoy with my photography post here. Hope I can share some tips and tricks about photography in the next post.

Jasper 3 by Evelynpy


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