Please Welcome My Little Son: Sebastian Jasper


Please welcome my baby boy: Sebastian Jasper. I have to wait until 40 weeks and decided to deliver the baby with C-Section. In that day when I enter the room, I was so excited and so scare at the same time. Wondering how my son will look like, is he cute, healty, handsome and I was so scare because there was my 1st time so I never know how I would deliver the baby. I hate the smell of the drugs, the intensity of the room and I can’t do anything just wait and see. Wait until the doctor enter the room and tell me ‘are you ready’ and after that I hear his voice for the 1st time. I can’t cry, I smile like a little girl who get the new toy. So thankfull and I know I never forget those magical moment when I kiss him for the 1st time.


I call him: Jasper. His daddy took some photos of him while I was in the hospital exhausted but still super happy.


Please forgive the hospital about the pinky and flowery baby stuff. I asked them to change his clothes with yellow or blue because he’s a baby boy but the hospital doesn’t have any boys things. Well not so bad when I see him wearing pinky clothes. Cute isn’t hihihi.



Another new adventure of my life with him is begin. Everyday is an adventure for  me and my hubby. Sleep (what sleep?!). Exhausted (payless job in the world). Full of surprise! I know the 1st month isn’t easy at all but I promise to my self to keep learn and love him no matter what.


6 thoughts on “Please Welcome My Little Son: Sebastian Jasper

  1. phaerygurl says:

    Congratulations!! He is such a sweet, adorable, beautiful baby. I’m glad to know you and the family are doing well and, yes, get as much sleep as you can 🙂 I was told by my pediatrician that the first two months are the hardest, just because of the crazy schedule of baby sleeping when tired, regardless of the hour. But hang in there, and love that little boy. So beautiful!

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