4 layouts for Chickaniddy

first bloom by Evelynpy

Today I share 4 layouts that I created for Chickaniddy using their amazing and cuty collection Twirly Girly and Date Night. The 1st layout is all about Spring; First Bloom, visit Chickaniddy blog to read more about this layout.


Enjoying the moment by Evelynpy

The second one; Enjoying The Moment still about Spring and I created according to the spring moodboard from Pinterest. Again please visit here to read more about it.

Fammily Fun by Evelynpy

Playing with big photo is my fav recently and yes you can call it so me! I created this; Family Fun layout using stars and visit here to see my tutorial about this layout.

Falling for you by Evelynpy

Last but not least by pregnancy layout. I created this layout and focus using some different brads. Visit here to know more details.

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