Pregnancy Week 8

pregnancy 2month

I know its to late to share about my pregnancy, I mean about the pregnancy it self and about my pregnancy photo, but better I share it now than never right?This is the 1st photo of my pregnancy, hubby took it for me. I’m so lucky have a pro photographer as my hubby, he took my pregnancy photo in simple way, just wanna show up my belly we did it less than 20 minutes. No make up, just wore a pretty dress and have some fun during the photosess. I’m not a good model but i really enjoy and so happy when I did it because this is my 1st pregnancy photosess. So what do you think? I have to learn to be a good model right? hahhaa

week 8 evelynpy

Facts about my pregnancy:

1. I just find out that I’m pregnant after I come back from wedding photoshoot at Balikpapan – Indonesia around Oct last year. Before that I went to Singapore to do prewedding or you call it engagement photoshoot. I didn’t realize that on that time I already pregnant, yes pregnant! So after I come back from Balikpapan I went to doctor and he said I’m pregnant, 2 months already or week 8. So excited because the miracle happend to me after two year! Thank you God.

2. I didn’t realize that I’m pregnant and still do my job because I’m the lucky one who doesn’t feels about morning sickness. I eat everything, eating like a monster!

3. Yes when I upload my photo to my Instagram account, some of my friends said ‘you look so pretty and glowing’. I read about this glowing thing and yes almost every pregnant lady will get the glowing thing. In the 1st smester I always want to wear a pretty dress and make up. I don’t know it’s normal or not but the magazine said that its ok!

4. You can call me miss sleepy, because I can’t do anything in the 1st smester, always wanna sleep! So my daily routine is eating and sleeping. Yes it’s normal! Enjoy your lazy time because it will change when you hit 2nd smester.

Anyway I created some layouts using this photos. I already post it before I post about my pregnancy, you can click here and here to see it.


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