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Play a date domicile cafe by evelynpy

My belly getting bigger, 32 weeks already and yes I’m counting down my due date next May so this week I start to really enjoy my me time. I went to the new cafe in my city – Domicile Cafe with my hubby to enjoy my lunch time. My 1st impression to this cafe is awesome, especially when we talk about the decoration, feels like I’m in Bali where they have so many uniq cafes.  I can’t share the perfect spot because to lazy for me to walking around and take some pictures using my camera, so better you stopping by and see by your self. Or I will back again after deliver my baby so I think I can moving around without feeling so tired.


Everytime I try new cafe in my town, I insist my hubby to sit close to big window or sit in the outdoor spot. I’m not a big fans of dark cozy cafe! I love cafe which has big window so the natural light can comes in *hardly to find those kind of cafe here in Surabaya* , uniq deco and good food. So yes, Domicile Cafe become one of  my fav new cafe and me personally in love with the blue chairs. I ask my hubby to photographs me using the blue chairs as my background. Anyway thumbs up for the deco, but what about the food? The price of the food and the portion it self?

Chicken Grill by Evelynpy

I order Chicken Grill ( IDR 90 ), Baramundi Curry (IDR 65) , Cheese Cake (IDR 45), Passion Fruit Ginger Tea and Peach Tea (@IDR25). For the Chicken Grill the price still reasonable for me. The taste of the food also yummy, they seassoning the chicken very well so we can eat without the sauce but  because I’m a big fans of sauce,  me choose to eat with more sauce.

Menu 1 Evelynpy

The Baramundi also delicious! Love the texture of the fish and they cooked it very well! But because I’m not a big fans of curry this food become so so for me. My hubby order it and I ask him about the taste, he said yum!


Because I’m pregnant lately I craving for something sweet or delicious dessert and I choose this Cheese Cake. I don’t like the color and looks of this cake but after I eat it the taste isn’t that bad. The price lil bit expensive for me maybe they can sell it around IDR35.


Thank you to my hubby because of you finally we can eat it this cafe. He to lazy  to try this new cafe because the rumour out there said that we have to booked 1st before we can eat in this resto. He doesn’t want to do  that, he think we just want to eat why you make it hard and we have to booked it like there are no good cafes in this town. But lucky us yesterday we don’t need to booked, just come and eat!


See you in another post, maybe about cafe, or my lifestyle, my outfit or about how to be a mommy. I know some of you maybe need something more rather than read scrap post in this blog. Have a nice day and see you!


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