Give Thanks Family Card Assortment for Crate Paper


Today, I wanna share with four ‘thank-you’ cards using Close Knit and Flea Market. I think this month is the perfect month to say ‘thank-you’ to who you are grateful for today. Let’s start with family. We grown-up people sometimes forget to express our sincerest appreciation for the family members we feel nearest and dearest to; dad, mom, sister or brother. They are immensely important part of life – why not craft them a card reminding them how much you truly care and think about them each and everyday?

As an expression of your gratitude, you might create simple, warm cards that entail symbolic details from the beautiful Crate Paper collection, Close Knit. It wouldn’t require a huge investment, so don’t be too concerned if you’ve not tried making cards before. Honestly, create from the heart. Play with whatever you like from the collection; a couple of layers of paper, a random chipboard piece and a quaint title is the perfect recipe!

I put together a couple of card samples abiding the rules of simplicity and elegance. Truly, it doesn’t take a whole lot to create a card. Maybe these will help to spark an idea or two…




Such prettiness, don’t you think? Imagine displaying these at the dinner table, each on top a plate to greet it’s recipients on Thanksgiving Day? It would extend the cards’ meaning and bring a thoughtful smile to all! Surprises are always a warm welcome, too…especially amongst the holiday season.


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