Three Layouts + Lots of Photos :: Evelyn Pratiwi Yusuf for Crate Paper

I know that the many of you have a lot of photos to scrap, but find yourself including only one or two photos on a single page. In the end, you’re left with precious photos undocumented and you haven’t a clue what to do with them. Today, I’ve got some great ideas for building multi-photo layouts that surpass the “two-photo” mark and are quick and easy to make! Rarely does a moment call for just one photo, so let me show you three beautiful layouts that are a prime example of “multi” at it’s best with the help of Crate Paper’s newest collections; Flea Market and Close Knit.

Happy 27th by Evelynpy





On this layout, I used four photos sized at 6 x 9 centimeters. First, I divided the layout into three sections; left, right and bottom. The top half is equally divided, with the left-half devoted entirely to my photos. To balance them, the right-half demos a large area of journaling and a playful arrangement of embellishments. To bring the photos together and to make them “pop”, I matted them with gold vellum from the Flea Market collection. The journaling was typed up on the computer and printed out on white cardstock before being trimmed and added to the layout. If not confident in your handwriting, choose a carefree script font to replace it. Finally, I placed a title along the bottom that stretches across both areas, right and left.

OOTD by Evelynpy



With this next layout, I had four landscape photos showing what I wore on the day of my birthday. This time around, I spread them across the entire layout. I used the Close Knit collection to divide the page into two parts; top (pictures) & bottom (title).


I pushed for more layering with these photos to create a dynamic feel and to give the impression of a clothes-line fashion board.  I hung the photos from thread and dressed the area up with clothes pins, epoxy droplets and buttons! Together, the photos are front and center!




The bottom consists of layered chipboard and wooden die-cut elements. Next to it, is the layout’s title, constructed from large sized alphas intended to balance my fashionable photo line-up!

Motel Mexicola by Evelynpy



For this last layout, I combined both portrait and landscape photos. As the entrance, the top is where I positioned the layout’s largest photo. On either side of it are two portrait photos. In the lower right corner, I balanced the large photo with two smaller photos. If you look at the layout closely, you’ll notice that the composition looks like the letter “x” – the photos sit opposite of each other.





I covered the remaining blank spots with matching patterned paper and embellishments from the Flea Marker collection.

Good Luck – it’s time to experiment with your own multi-photo mix! Even though it might seem difficult in the beginning, you’ll be surprised by the end result and how easy it is to make a layout with lots of photos!


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