Enjoy The Movie – American Crafts (Dear Lizzy)

Cinema Tickets by Evelynpy

 They are so many summer movies in the cinema that i love this year.  You can see it at my layout. I love The Great Gatsby and yes still in love with Leonardo D’Caprio event i can see some wrinkles and he’s not younger anymore! Love the Les Miserables enjoyed this movie very much and adore how the casts act and sing at the same time. I love the way they created the new Superman with his new uniform and more action in Man of Steel. Well this time no picture in my layout, i just stacking some movie tickets and playing with Dear Lizzy by American Crafts.


The tree is my fav emblishment i just know what i’m going to do when i saw this sticker!


I created two pockets in this layout you can see it at the bottom of the page. I use some stickers and sequins to make it more pretty. I also playing with pink and blue distress strain in this layout can you find it?



I just stack my tickets and paste some stickers to highlight it or make it cute.


Well i already watched the Pasific Rim and falling in love with the movie. I love the way they created the new robot to kill some Kaijus. I also download the OST and play it in the morning as my mood booster. I think i’m going to see it again in 3D in the weekend! Hope i can created a layout about Pasific Rim.

See you in the next post!

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