Crate DIY Summer Boutonniere for Crate Paper DIY


Hey everyone, this is me, Evelyn Pratiwi Yusuf. Today, I wanna share how to create a Summer Boutonniere for those of you whom already know the theme of your wedding and are about to hit the aisle to say “yes” and “forever”! For those of you still not sure what your wedding theme might be, maybe creating a boutonniere for the groom and best man will help you find that special theme you’ve been looking for. ūüėČ

June is the perfect month for hosting a wedding ceremony, and to help you make it unforgettable, I’m going to try and show you how to make a bright Summer Boutonniere using¬†The Pier, DIY Shop and Maggie Homes collections. We’ll keep it classic, but still have it loaded with bright colors and a strong thematic feel. Such details are super important and well worth thinking about – I know this because I’ve been there before and my primary job at the moment entails me to think about such things again. I’m all about doing it yourself, too! Ready?

Summer boutonniere by Evelynpy


Before you start producing Boutonnieres, it’s best to gather all the supplies first. Because the theme is “Summer Wedding”, I chose to work with¬†The Pier, DIY Shop, Party Day and Maggie Holmes. All are filled with color and Summer appropriate elements. My product selection includes the cute¬†Pier¬†chipboard,¬†DIY’s¬†gold and yellow twine,¬†Party Day’s¬†buttons and¬†Maggie’s¬†adorable ribbons. For basics; Chopsticks, Tissue Paper (Polka-Dot), Yellow Ribbon, Yellow Feathers and Glue.

Step 1 copy for blog

To create a pretty stick as the base for the Boutonniere, take a chopstick, measure it out at eight centimeters and mark the location with a pencil. Using a sharp knife, cut along the mark. Create as many sticks as you need to complete your Boutonniere collection. After preparing the sticks, wrap the sticks in yellow ribbon. Do this by gluing the ribbon to the bottom of the stick and wrapping the stick until it’s mostly covered. Following this, do the same thing with the yellow and gold twine, though start the wrapping process midway so that it covers just half the stick.

Step 2

Take a yellow feather and adhere it to the stick. Allow it to dry.

Step 3

Take chipboard pieces from The Pier collection that are to your liking and that you think will pair well together. I chose a surfboard, ice cream on a stick and soda & straw. Layer them and adhere.

Add the arrangement to your boutonniere with hot glue or an alternative glue with strong adhesion and that dries quickly.

*It may be best to peel away the sticky portion of the chipboard to prevent your pieces from being overly sticky and collecting unnecessary debris on the special day.

Step 4

As a final touch, add a smidgen of yellow ribbon or a¬†Maggie Holme’s¬†fabric bow.

Easy, right? Go ahead and create your own and while you’re at it, think about using¬†Crate’s Pier, especially if enjoying a Summer Wedding. We wish you an unforgettable, love-filled day!

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