Nobody Sees The World Quite Like You – MME

moustache by evelynpy

The risks become wedding photographer is I seldom have a good photo of me or me with my husband in one frame. So when we are do the prewedding or engagement photoshoot overseas, sometimes we ask our clients to photograph the two of us. When my husband and I were on vacation we always use a tripod and the self timer on our camera Canon 5DMK2. Yes i admit it’s very difficult and time consuming to do it over and over again for maximum results but I think that’s not a problem  as lng as i I have a good photo alone or with my husband.


Actually this photo was ever scrap and i already post it here on my blog but my husband and I are not too happy with the final result. Then I tried to print it in a larger size and want to make a layout that is not colored or monochrome.

This time I am using the latest collection from MME. I love the stickers and the patterned paper; funny mustache. So I think my photo is suitable with the mustache paper.


I use the cinema washi tape as a border of my big photo. I also use some stickers and pop it up. For the final touch again and again use black sequins! None of the techniques in this layout i just play with stickers and really wanna have some fun with the layout it self.


Initially the plan was I wanted to make a black and white layout but when I saw the colored tosca sticker and read the title I decided to use it in my layout.

Try using mustache-themed paper and yes if you use it the picture does not always have to have a mustache theme, you can use any photo(s) as long as they fits with the overall theme .

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