Snap Travel Album Project for MadeWithLoveIndonesia

Cover Snap by Evelynpy

Hi lovelies,

I love travelling so much so when I got this Snap Album by Simple Stories from MadewithloveIndonesia, the idea to making such a travelling album popped up in my head! I gather all of my travelling photos and all of the details such as hotel key, tickets, etc. In this project I choose tosca or aqua as main color and I mix it with black, yellow, muted pink, and orange. I wanna make this album looks fresh, eye candy, and minimalist. So I choose easy ‘seems-so-easy-but-hardly-to-do-it’ techniques. I spent couple hours enjoying my new project without over think about complicated techniques. The key is try to enjoy your scrap moment and make it memorable. Ok.. Let’s begin!

For the cover, as you can see, I mix tosca with yellow, blue, and a ‘lil bit cutie pink and green embellishment. I use masking and misting techniques. I grab my Studio Calico mask, and spray it with White Opaque mist by Mister Hueys – Studio Calico. I do it only once to make a texture and my own background. I spray gold and yellow mist by Studio Calico and Heidi Swap randomly at the top and bottom of the cover. After that, I do the layering technique and paste some embellishments. Not that much, but still eye candy for the cover. I add onAmy Tangerine’s layered stickers and yellow feather by BLVD.. and last, the new layered stickers by The Pier – Crate Paper to decorate my cover.

Cover-Step-1 by Evelynpy

Ok, now let’s go to see what I can do for the spread. This is not a full project life, I don’t capture day by day in a week but I just put it into a pocket and write some explanation about those days. So I don’t make a ‘week’ card, I change it into prolog layout like I scrap it in 12×12 page but this time in the smaller size. I called it prolog page where it show you what is going on in the next page or if I wanna highlight something. I use rub-on tehcnique, so easy! You just choose which one is your favorite. For mine, I use travel theme from Kaiser Craft, andsimply rub it. See how to do it in the step by step pictures.

Cover-Step-2 by Evelynpy

The last technique is stitching. I use the new Amy Tangerine stitch stencil (how smart she is by creating this!) and give a stitch detail on my spread.

Cover-Step-3 by Evelynpy

Now, it’s time to see complete project start from the cover until the spread.

Cover-Details by Evelynpy

Spread-Page-1 by  Evelynpy

Spread-Page-2-copy by Evelypy

7 thoughts on “Snap Travel Album Project for MadeWithLoveIndonesia

    • evelynpy says:

      of course you can celine! tell me if you visit Indonesia especially stopping by at my city one day ^^. hope next month i can produce some videos behind the scene of how to create a layout with me…hehehe

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