Be Healthy

be health by evelynpy

Been a week i eat a healthy food. I try to be healty so i consume vegetables without any dressing or taste as my breakfast. I eat rice for lunch and as a dinner i try to eat fruits. My tummy sometimes refuse it but i try to be focus and stay on my ‘healthy’ plan. No more fried food, junk food, instant food such ah instant noodle and i try to say good bye to caffein. But the last thing is the hardest.

I’m a big fans of coffee and tea.  I drink tea every morning and drink coffee while i’m working or have some meeting with my photography clients.

Why i do this?

Because i realize i have to do it. Plus i wanna have a sexy body at list minus 5 kg each month will be enough for me. Still ok to me to eat something yum but not to much.

Beside that i try to sleep well. Have to off to bed before 10pm but yeah I’m such a owl person.

Hope i can do this until the end of the year. Amin.

Anyway all of these pictures here i took couple years ago at 2010.

This is the collage of my food photo about toast! Enjoy ^^ and feel free to pin it at pinterest

toast by evelynpy

*PS: I do some layout using the new collection of Crate Paper; The Pier today. Can’t wait to share it with you *


One thought on “Be Healthy

  1. malika says:

    Good for you! Love your picture of the pretty toast! Can’t wait to see your The Pier layout. I think I am going to love that line a lot!!

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