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Love You  by Evelynpy

Hey Everyone, it’s me, Evelyn, in this post which i already share at Crate Paper’s blog i wanna share a “how-to” about crafting a layout in under fifteen minutes using just three techniques; misting, layering and embossing.

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

Truth is, all of us really want to scrap, but find ourselves struggling to find time to actually do it..beyond the hour or two mark. You have tons of ideas, photos and are dying to play with your new pattern papers, and on top of that, your technique “must-try” list is a mile long! How on earth is a scrapbooker to make it to her desk to take advantage of it all? Well, I’ve some tips for ya in how to create a layout in under fifteen minutes using three solo techniques, including express journaling.


Misting is all the rage, so not surprisingly, it’s the first technique I chose to work with on my layout. I started with a sheet of wood grain patterned paper {DIY Shop}. Using white mist, I randomly sprayed two areas; top & bottom. I opted for white because the embellishments already emit pops of bright color. I gave the mist three minutes to dry (a heat gun accelerates dry time) before moving on to the next technique.

step 2

Time to start layering on some love. Start the process by randomly selecting different size/color embellishments. Arrange the items around your photo'(s) in a way that is to your liking and feels balanced. Pop some of the embellishments with foam adhesive. Consider focusing much of the attention at the center of the layout as it’s the easiest place to work around. Set a large embellishment next to the photo'(s) – it’ll add volume to overall layout and bring attention to the photo'(s).


I bet you buy lots of embossing powders, but never use them! It’s time to wipe the dust from their tops and get creative with them again. I’m not a huge fan of handwriting, nor journaling, but it’s time for me to step outside my comfort zone and try something new. I gathered all my clear “phrase/word” stamps (differing fonts) and two warm-colored embossing powders that match perfectly (neighbors on the color wheel), yellow & orange. I then stamped a couple of varying phrases on the backside of DIY Shop’s Accent Card patterned paper. Finally, I trimmed them out and positioned the phrases throughout the layout in different location



As a final touch, you can introduce thickers, ribbon or more splatters of mist to areas that feel empty. You might also consider lending a glittery effect to your journaling banners to make them shine!

Detail 4

Thank-you for joining me today – I hope to have offered you “useful” tips so that next time you’ve a free moment, finishing a layout is a


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