Project Life 2013 Week 12 – Ready Set Go


Project life week 12 by Evelympy

Hey everyone surprise surprise! Yes, after all this time and haven’t finish my project life last year i decided to continue my PL this year. Strungling inside wanna continue it or not and now i challenge my self to keep doing it and yup i skip my PL til week 12. So this is gonna be my first post about my project life. Hope i can manage it well until the end of the year.

This is week 12 i play with Amy Tangerine’s collection Ready Set Go! This week it’s all about my short trip to Singapore with my photography client to do the prewedding photoshoot there.

Project life spread 2 by Evelynpy

For the week 12’s card i choose traveling thicker by AC and playing with Amy’s stamp. Quite fun!

detail page 1

Details of the page 1: Playing with the wood veneer and pls forgive my ugly and small handwriting!.  I admit do the project life is quite fun but time consuming than do te 12 by 12 layout. The last picture i use my hand writing to make a messy frame to explain about the picture it self.

Project life spread 1 by Evelynpy

This is the details of my second page.

detail page 2

As you can see all of  my picture in those details are from Instagram: @geekgalz.

Detail page 3

Let me explain about my flip cards. I have two flip card on spread one. I just use washi tapes to paste another photos into one card and i love to do that! 1st pic you can see my pic *the small one* before i off to Singapore and the big one it’s me again already at Singapore. I put the small before photo to explain the second one. In the second pic you can see some photos about dessert. Yup all of those are my fav dessert at Singapore; the 1dollar ice cream and the banana choco snow ice at China Town. Expensive but super yum!

Well i show you my fav cards in this week 12 spread page one.

detail page 4

I seperate 4 photos in the last pic using Amy’s layer sticker, cute right?!

detail page 5

the last but not least are my fav card on spread 2.

I can’t wait to do my week 13 and 14! wish me luck and yep still confused which collection should i use!


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