Today – Crate Paper ( Crate Ware April 2013)

Today full page by Evelynpy

If you’re confused by bold color and don’t know where to start, I’ll give you some tips to work with it! As you know, I love playing with stickers and mist. Bold color looks great when applied to a neutral background. Here, using a masking technique, I spritzed two areas of bright yellow, across from each other. Actually, the mist is a blend of yellow, orange and gold. Don’t be afraid to create your own colors of mist when given the chance. Because of the brightness of the two misted areas, I went ahead and balanced it out with a dark alpha set. Yep, I used a full sheet of alpha stickers!! I dare you to do the same 🙂

Visit Crate Paper blog to see more and enjoy my details!

Today detail 3 by Evelynpy

Today detail 1 by Evelynpy

Today detail 2 by Evelynpy

3 thoughts on “Today – Crate Paper ( Crate Ware April 2013)

  1. Jennifer Grace says:

    Found my way here via the Crate Paper blog. This page is amazing, I love the colours and the sheet of letter stickers as a background – I’m definitely going to take you up on the dare! x

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