Upgrading Photo Sizes using Maggie Holmes Collection – Crate Paper

Singapore by evelynpy cover

Have you ever thought to use a large sized photo on a layout? I know it seems a common sense question, but think about it – How does using this kind of photo impact your use of embellishments and the general underlying design as a whole? I happen to feel that using a “much loved” large photo means forgoing any unnecessary details. To explain this further, here’s a bit about the layout and it’s construction process…

Singapore detail 1 by evelynpy

With this layout, the photo is 15.5 cm x 23.5 cm. It’s a beautiful picture and to accomodate it’s whimsical, airy feel, I chose theMaggie Holmes collection as the backdrop. Here’s the process I went about using to create the layout with this large sized image…

Singapore detail 2 by evelynpy

First, I always go about choosing a color palette that supports the photo'(s). Based on this particular photo, I decided to use pink, yellow, turquoise/blue and gold. Using colors that match the photo, keeps the focus on the subject at hand rather than distract from it.

In working with large photos, it’s important to recognize that the number of techniques worth considering should be limited. This is because large sized photos tend to take up a lot of space. With only a 12″ x 12″ canvas to work with, there just isn’t room for excess. Select only those techniques that’ll fit within the space available and that support your story. On my layout, I chose the simple technique of “stitching” and added embroidered lines around my photo. The technique is clean & simple, making it ideal.

Singapore detail 3 by evelynpy

Another technique that is a no-brainer and pairs well with large photos is “splatter”. I applied matching mist in a vertical line parallel to my photo. Again, the technique is simple and easy to apply.

Singapore detail 4 by evelynpy

Singapore detail 5 by evelynpy

Once you’ve past the technique phase, it’s time to think about embellishments. With large photos, it’s best to keep the embellishment count within a reasonable range. Don’t go overboard with too many embellishments. A couple of carefully placed layers will do the trick! Create a triangular formation using a total of three embellishment collages. The addition of the layers creates volume, therefore supporting the weight of the sizable photo while lending balance to the overall layout.

Singapore detail 6 by evelynpy

Singapore detail 7 by evelynpy

Finally, don’t be afraid to use bright, bold Thickers alongside a photo of this size. You want the title to stand-out and pair well with the image so that one doesn’t overtake the other, or steal the show!

On my layout, I used Gold Thickers and intentionally positioned them from top to bottom so as to frame the photo and to bring the eye full circle around the layout.


And that is how you manage a “large sized photo”! What are you waiting for? Upgrade the size of your favorite image and create something magnifiscent from it!


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