Be bold because I Like You

I like you full page by Evelynpy

Happy Sunday to all of you. This time I want to share my bold layout using an extraordinary collection by Glitz. I really like this collection because very fresh, bold and has a yellow color.

I created this layout to documented my memories with my husband. A few weeks ago I was surprised by my husband. My husband came to me and gave me a mini card while I’m working. When I opened it I was super shocked. I didn’t realize that the card is a card that I have written and I have given to him when he was celebrate 25th birthday. I was deeply touched because my husband kept it until today.

I like you detail 1 by Evelynpy

I adjust the paper that I use as a background as my color palete. I tried to look boldly and that is why i color spray my background using mist; mint, pink, orange and yellow. Combining different colors into one very exciting.

I like you detail 2 by Evelynpy

In this layout I do not use the usual layering technique but decide to more focus on the images and the layout it self.

I like you detail 3 by Evelynpy

I am not afraid to mix blue, red, black and gold. If you are tired of making layout with pastels try to combine other colors and lto make some new fresh and bold layouts. Sometimes we need to try something new.

I like you detail 4 by Evelynpy

This is my fav part of this layout so I decided not to decorate and give some volume to this area. I want to highlight the card which was beautiful and had a lot of meaning for me than to decorate it with a few other details.

I like you detail 5 by Evelynpy

Please forgive my poor handwriting that is why I am not a fan of handwriting and rarely use it on my layout.

So make something bold never hurts to give a fresh new look of the layout you normally make every day.


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