Creative Weekly – Coffee Tumbler

Coffee tumbler evelynpy

The month of February is commonly known as the month of “love” and as such, the colors pink and red can be seen everywhere. Based on this observation, and on the idea of “love” itself, I wanted to create something that reflected upon a “big crush” of mine; coffee!! Some of my best moments have been spent with a cup in hand, sipping on delicious coffee. So, for this week’s Crate Paper Creative Weekly, I crafted a coffee tumbler using a Red, Brown and Yellow color palette, and an array of products from the Party DayDIY Shop and Maggie Holmes collections. It’s fun and super easy to make! Check out the video to find out for yourself!

I give you some photo of my coffee tumbler.

Coffee tumbler detail 2 evelynpy

Coffee tumbler detail 3 evelynpy

Coffee tumbler detail 4 evelynpy

Coffee tumbler detail 1 evelynpy


4 thoughts on “Creative Weekly – Coffee Tumbler

  1. Jeanne M. W says:

    Apik Eve!
    Tp lek boleh saran..kmu bikin e step by step e kmu bikin tumblr..ojo pas wes jadi trus kamu kasih technique2 e..soal e it will be a lot more fun to see ur desicion making along the process.
    And honestly..aku jd ga ketok mana sing numpuk kemana & actual design tumblr e sebelum kamu masukno kmtumblr, & kmu jg g perlu bikin dua kali yg buang2 supply.
    Hehehe.. Eman aku g punya tumblr yg itu, klo iya, isa2 lsg bikin. Aku punya e sing Christmas, haha

  2. WaiSam says:

    watched your video tutorial at CP blog last week and I love it! Wanted to make a customized tumbler too but I have way too many starbucks tumblers at home. Hubby stopped me from buying another tumbler. LoLs =) Thanks for sharing your projects!

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