My fav Cafe at Bali – Indonesia : Sea Circus


Let me share my fav cafe when i visit Bali. Sea Circus is a great place to look for a different atmosphere of life in dense urban and full of congestion. This is my favorite place when I visit Bali. I really like this cafe to shoo my stress about my job and my life with enjoying my refreshing beverages and delicious food.

Sea Circus presents another setting from another cafe. Agua, yellow and pink are dominant colors managed to calm your mind and make you more rilex.

Here are the photos of this cafe please enjoy and my advice is that you have to visit there if you are in Seminyak, Bali – Indonesia.

SEACIRCUS-About by evelynpy

SEACIRCUS-KOLASE-2 by evelynpy

SEACIRCUS-GrilledChicken by evelynpy

SEACIRCUS-AvoEgg by evelynpy

me at sea sircus

For food fairly inexpensive at around 60 IDR or 6 USD and drinks around 25 IDR or 2.5USD and the tax also not too high. This place you can meet up with a new friends from all over the world, mostly they are backpackers who were having breakfast at this place. Cafe is also equipped with a super fast wifi.



The decor of the cafe is really catch my eyes. Especially in the toilet. The decor is very nice and really do not feel that you are in the toilet area. Yes i’m falling in love with the wall art and also the photos it self. The toilet is very clean and unique.

me at sea sircus 2

I’m ready to go back to this cafe soon to just relax with my husband or do the prewedding photoshoot of my client with 0201 photography.

FYI I rented this bike when I was on holiday to Bali, I am not the kind of people who fear of sunlight.



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