Cevron vs Polkadot Layout

Congratulation by evelynpy

Yellow always be my favorite color, and maybe that is why I am adore of Amy Tangerine so much. Anyway I wanted to say happy Sunday to all of my friends. Enjoy the weekend with family or friends and don’t forget to enjoy every moment with them.

I created this layout for my client who asked me to make pretty layout that will be given to her friend as a wedding gift.

Congratulation details 2 by evelynpy

Again and again I like to make my own backgroud and this time I’m still wearing the blue  and yellow washi tapes with two different pattern. I combined Chevron and polka-dot pattern. Then in addition I used stamps from MME.

Congratulation details 5 by evelynpy

Still talking about  the background, I also give some white gesso on some areas then after it dried I paint using masking techniques. It has different texture between the masking techniques and the texture of the washi tapes but still have one thing in common which is the color: yellow.

Congratulation details 3 by evelynpy

As you can see in the picture I used stiching techniques for top and bottom border. If you look at the picture above I put some yellow color sequins in a random area. Yes I admit sequins are details that should not be forgotten.

Congratulation details 1 by evelynpy

In this layout I wanted to create a romantic layout because  the people in Indonesia prefer a romantic layout and volume than a minimalist layout which features the photos only. I use some gold blink and cuty flower by Prima to give volume to the layout. To make it seem more i use journal banner and give the envelope to the background.

Congratulation details 6 by evelynpy

In order not to get bored with the yellow color I combine it with tosca or aqua color.

Congratulation details 4 by evelynpy

Because the layout is going to be given to her friends as a wedding gift so I gave the title using gold thickers by American Crafts.

Congratulation full page by evelynpy

This is a full page of my layout using the yellow and tosca or aqua. The technique I use is: stamping, layering, punch and sticthing.

So its ok to combine two different pattern in one page.

Happy weekend everyone !!!

After i post this into my blog I’m ready to have some meetings with my photography clients at the mall all day long.

Oh yeah i still working at Sunday.


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