The Explorer – Clean & Simple layout

The explorer photo by evelynpy

Lately I really like travelling things. The desire to travel from one country to another one starting possessed me. I love to visit a country I had never visited. I am also pleased to be returning to a country I’ve always wanted to go and want to explore deeper.

This is a picture of me along with my fellow photographers in Singapore. I met her there and on that day together we were looking for a temple in the China Town. Armed with maps application on the phone try to find all the temple and yes finally we found it. Also enjoy my time there and we we bought presents for our family since the day it was our last day in Singapore.


In this layout I played with the white card stock and create my own background using washi tape and my bad handwriting. Too much writing using keyboard, feel so stiff when I try to write something using pen.


If you are not familiar with creating your own background using white paper, that isn’t a problem because it takes a little imagination to make a good background. Start with simple things like I do in this travel-themed layout.

I started by making a frame using gold washi tape by mt tape. After that I give the details by writing a few words with my handwriting.


Again, I played with: yellow, gold and white. FYI those are my favorite colors. I added a little brown and pink into this layout. Beause i have a same details in the photo, so I think it does not hurt to give a little more color as a sweetener.


Inspired by Janna I made arrow using black pen and give enamels from the MME as a sweetener. Remember to always use an odd number as a sweetener in your layout.


To create a layout i use layering techniques. I’m also put a little map details using Crate Paper collection and cut it into a triangle shape. Yes I admit the triangle is now a very trendy.


I use pink washi tape by Amy Tangerine old collection and this ‘fabulous’ font I cut it from smash note. You also can see the yellow zig zag by Hambly.


This is my full layout of The Explorer. I love doing clean and simple layout coz it doesn’t take much time.


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