This layout is for my dear husband and for my desire to sense autumn in Europe with him. The layout is very dominant with the color; brown and I played with a collection of Basic Grey – Clipping.

So first of all we use gesso by Studio G! I used the masking technique to make the white splashes around stacks of paper, the top left corner and bottom. If you do not have a masking stencil you could use a big brush and straw as a tool to make the splash. It is super easy to do that. You can mix Gesso with some water .. then grab a brush and put it in the paper and blow through a straw into a variety of directions. After that let it dry for about 15 minutes.

While waiting for the gesso dried, we cut the polaroid motif paper and some other paper to be used as a background. I only used one layer of mounting tape in every paper…sometimes i used more than one. It is depend on the shadow you wanna create it, and i put it in the middle of the paper.

Next we have a pretty brown tag. Stamp it with stamp, the motif can be anything. Use glue embossing when you do the stamp technique, then sprinkle embossing powder; the black one and heat it up with heat gun. As a sweetener I give a little black polkadot border using washi tape.

In part it says today tomorrow and forever I spoil my paper and paint the edges with distress ink: brush corduroy. or you can use other colors of distress ink by rangers. After that i use stamp by MME and stamp it in the middle of the paper.

So Happy Scrapping Everyone!





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