Made With Love Regular Class by Me (The Sweetest Thing )

Living in Indonesia where located in Asia makes me never feel the fall or autumn. I am always excited by the fall and have one little  dream to be able to feel it in Europe before i die! *silly list but always happy when i imagine it hihihi

Autumn is always interesting and catch my heart because this season has warm colors (brown, peach or red) which are also my favorite colors. Not only the color but the atmosphere it self is very interesting. I often see some pictures with autumn theme in flickr or other social media and all of the pictures were very interesting.

So here’s my version of fall. I took some pictures with my  younger brothers and sister in a location that is almost similar to the atmosphere of autumn in Europe. The location is pretty far from my house but still locate in my city; Surabaya.

After I’ve had mini photo session with my family, i did some magic on lightroom and photoshop.

I am using these photos as my scrap theme for class on Monday September 17th, 2012 at Made With Love Ciputra World Surabaya.

Yes my regular classroom theme this time is: Autumn. I use MME – The Sweetest Thing because I think the colors shown in the latest collection of MME is very fit with my photos.

In this layout I made the photo itself as the center of attention by putting a picture of the huge size and almost half of the page. I paste some washi tapes by MME as a border and garland.

I still love layering and blending techniques by using distress ink.


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