Mr & Mrs

As a wedding photographer I always photograph happy moments of a wedding.
Many of my clients who knows my hobby ask me to create wedding scrapbook for them.

And this is one of them. I was very surprised when My Little Yellow Biycyle make an elegant black and white collection for a wedding scrap concept.

Black and white for me is the right combination and very elegant, so I just add two additional colors: silver and gray to make my layout becomes more beautiful and still able to highlight the image.

I also use washi tapes (black and white) as a border and i choose the same pattern; polkadot.

The butterflies are unbelievably suitable choice if we want to create a wedding layout. I added a silver and pearl to create more dimension on it. Do not forget to also put silver swirl to make this layout feel more beautiful and luxurious.

Here are a few tips from me to make a wedding scrapbook layout:

1. Do not be afraid to play with black … you will be surprised with the final result.

2. Better you use one big photo (4R) to make it more pretty.

3. Since the theme is wedding, do not put so many details around your photo. Because the center of the attention is the photo it self. We should be able to balance between photo and the details which is scrap stuff.

4. Do not use more than 3 techniques in a single layout. More than 3 techniques makes our layout looks worst, trust me!

Photo by 0201 photography


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