The Road Trip *Echo Park

Hey there long time no see and please forgive me about that. This july is a busy month for me..i have some pre wedding photo shoot and also wedding photoshoot so i spend my time mostly with clients, camera and PC.

This time i play with Echo Park mini theme: Enjoy The Ride

I made this scrap for my friend because she asked me to make something cuty about her honeymoon at USA last year.

The best thing of this Enjoy The Ride collection is they have such a cuty stickers and very details, such as the airplane and the cloud! So i grab it and paste on my layout and make dimension so you can see the airplane really fly.

I play with Hueys Mist by Studio Calico using Green and Yellow taxi to give little cuty details on the background. I use the arrow to lead us to the center of attention which is the photo it self.

Green and yellow i think is the best combination of this layout. I make DIY green envelope using the echo park enjoy the ride paper. I love the font which describe the journey: ‘we went there, are we there yet?’. After i make the green envelope i put some yellow banners which has yellow color and cuty sentences to show how fun their honeymoon! I bundle all of the banners using once again yellow twine and make cuty little bow as a detail.

Rather than explain where they go, i love playing with the stickers to give cuty touch on their photos. I use some polaroids by Echo Park Sweet Day as background of their photos!

This is the final details.

I think we can scrap using mini theme if we don’t have much time and it is still fun! You should try!

See ya on the next post, already prepare some for you guys.

Thx for visit my blog


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