I am a fan of Amy Tangerine. Her style  has inspired me since a long time ago *since when? since a couple month ago.

Frequently visiting her blog and finally had the opportunity to buy Sketchbook and try to make a colorful layout with her latest collection at this time.

* I have so many photos here and only made one layout. I need extra time!!!!*

When I knew that the store had sold Sketchbook here in Surabaya – Indonesia; with enthusiasm I go to the mall and buy everything on that day, but there are some items that I can not buy such as taffy and blue tickers, the stickers book and the cuty tags. They are sold out! Have to find International store maybe at Singapore to buy the rest of it.

*the details top and bottom, pop it up so we can see the dimension. I just use a simple layout so the result is not too much but still fun and impressive.

*never love green before but i love this grass ticker so much!

*this is my fav combination of those colorful border.

The plan I’ll make some scrap layout using Sketchbook collection, but only have limited time so only make one layout. I promise I will continue this week and upload it here.

You can see me on Instagram or Twitter to sneak my scrap layout before i upload it here.

Follow: geekgalz and see you there.

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