‘Cherish This Story’ – Hello Bali

Hi all, sorry for become invisible and haven’t writen something new on this blog. This time I made a scrap to my best friend as a gift on her 25th birthday.

Materials that I use here is 80% of my minds eyes and I use other brands such as dear lizzy neopolitan and Webster to its details.

Honestly lately I fall in love with the color; yellow, so I decided to play with it.

And here’s the result, I combine cevron motifs, polka dots and paper that has airplane as the pattern to make my scrap-themed; vacation. I only use paint techniques and tear.

I’ve just been to MME and read some April’s MME challenge, the theme of the use of hexagons in the scrap that has been made. Then I look again at what I made was in accordance with existing criteria. May the gifts that I made for my friend also win this challenge MME in April. Amin.


6 thoughts on “‘Cherish This Story’ – Hello Bali

    • evelynpy says:

      hey fel…
      splat yellownya itu aku pakai cat akrilik..aku campur dengan air secukupnya. lalu aku pakai kuas dan ayunkan diatas kertas dengan jarak kurang lebih 30 cm. jadi deh

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