Happy Valentine Day and Chinese New Year 2010

* we did self potrait at our mini studio at my house ^^*

I really love valentine day..because i can find so many pink stuff *honestly i’m not a big fan of pink but sometimes i really enjoy with that color* and i can feel so much love in the air..

So many couples try to makes their night very romantic and unforgetable..some off them choose to stay at home or hang out with their besty or family. * i wish he give me some surprise at valday’s night coz i know he’s not of that person hikz…*

How about me? I choose to celebrate Chinese New Year with Marcel’s family * promise i’ll give you update* and skip my valentine day this year.  Dillema for us coz two special day happent at the same time this year…kya!!!!

FYI: till now  still stuck with my job so i can’t go to the mall buying some special gift for my bf. *hate it so much coz really don’t have any idea what things i should buy for him*

I think this year i can’t get much hongpao like usual coz i already have a job but that is not the point to celebrate Chinese New Year right? *wink*

Happy Valentine Day and Chinese New Year Guys..2010!