Charles n Keith Store at Indonesia

I tell u my dirty little secret:

when i go to the mall i can’t resist the desire for buying some new shoes n… my fav store is : Charles n Keith.

I think every woman in Indonesia or Asia love the models of Charles and Keith and the price was appropriate, right?  The shoes very comfortable to wear eventhough when we using high heels.

How many Charles n Keith’s shoes do i have? Hahahahaha more than 7 … *feel guilty that i spent much money to buy it*

Do you have any fav shoes store?

Tips for you who like to buy shoes but doesn’t have much money to buy it:
Never  stop when you pass a shoes store n don’t ever try to notice it!  I try to make it into the simple word: Just walk n leave it!!!! Trust me it’s works 😉


31 thoughts on “C&K…

  1. mars says:

    How much is the average C&K heels?

    I looooooveeeeeeeeeee shoes so I’d usually just stupidly save up to buy pretty (and expensive. I gotta stop this habit because it’s ruining my wallet. ha!) heels. and nowadays, I only buy shoes when they are on sale, except for my latest purchase *guilty*. no more full retail price purchases after that. no moar!

    Biasanya, Nine West di US kalau lagi sale sepatunya murah murah abis…I bought one for only USD15! kalau di indo denger2 nine west jarang sale….

  2. Gel says:

    Too bad i’m not fond of that high end brand. Yeah it’s considered as somewhat high end here in our country. As for shoes, i’m not too fond of any particular brand but there are some nice sneakers from Nike, though! I love that brand for apparel 🙂

    • evelynpy says:

      ow how come you can’t find Charles n Keith store?
      where do you live Thailand right?
      Btw talkin about Nike, i really love with those shoes especially if we talkin about Nike Dunk 😀

  3. Angel says:

    Nyokap gw tuh demen bgt C&K. punya banyak sendal nya. setuju sih paling cocok ma C&K. Tapi gw ga suka high heels. lebih suka kitten heals or yg 8cm deh :)) haha

    oh iya… gw kan beli tas nya yah kemren2, masa baru bbrp kali pake lapisan dalem nya udah rombeng, kulit luarnya udah kelupas2. padahal jarang g pake 😦 ngga mau lgi deh beli disitu 😦

    • evelynpy says:

      hahahaha kitten heals yang cuman 8 cm itu juga tinggi buk hehehe..
      i never buy C&K’s bag coz i think not worth it to buy, why? 1. coz the price n 2 coz the quality hm…not so good…hehehehe
      jadi mending beli tas murah yang tak bermerek tapi mantap dah kekuatannya ^^

      oh ya mungkin tas kamu itu ngelupas2 meski jarang make soalnya:
      1. ya jarang di pake itu, jadi kelamaan di simpan ya tasnya bisa ngepulas alias rusak2 sendiri * itu kata orang jual tas*
      2. pas sekali kamu pake, kamu pakenya langsung hardcore jadi langsung sobek dah ^^

  4. Ivy says:

    Hahaha Charles and Keith is definitely one of those stores women all go crazy for. When it goes on sales here in Singapore, it’s like half the country’s women are in there. Haha. I’m quite picky about the comfort of my shoes, so unfortunately I don’t really wear C&K stuff but I can see why all these women love it! 🙂

    • evelynpy says:

      hey ivy, i’m so glad that u drop a comment here ^^
      hahahahaha i know that coz sometimes if we can’t find our size, my friend wanna go to Singapore or Malay to buy it…ow…crap…only for shoes?! *come on!!* hehehehe
      i think we love discount right?!
      so i can c half oh Surabaya’s women in that store crazyly choosing their little cuty new shoes n u can also c me 😆

    • evelynpy says:

      belive it or not i’m not shopaholic girl n i never say that shopping can reduce the level of stress. I think not just shopaholic girl in the world wanna say that but also every woman n man in this world!!!

  5. jinx says:

    i looooooooooove your blog, your style is so amazing…


  6. becky says:

    arrgghhhh i love charles & keith ! pengen beli yang heels ada zipper nya , tapi mahal banget hampir 500,000 😦 jadi mending kalo cari sepatu d mangdu aja deh , murah n bagus modelna . haha . xD

  7. u-ung says:

    it doesn’t work for me..my eyes will notice any cool shoes and keep starring at them.eventhough I leave the store at that time,but I will come back on other day,or maybe at the same day..wakakkakkaka if not,I couldn’t sleep tightly…

  8. livinglavidarita says:

    my mom is a big fan of charles n keith…and so are many of my friends, but i dont know why c&k and i just don’t have the right chemistry, my feet hurt wearing their shoes T_T….i have loads of favorite no brand shoe shops here in hk 🙂 come visit

  9. miss lia says:

    same as U-Ung’s comment before, my feet definitely going there (you know la~ when a girl walk around, window shopping, and look a beautiful shoes/ sandals, I just can’t resist), just try on, if it looks fit and amazed me, I’m back home with one of C&K 🙂 in additional, If I didn’t buy it, I will think that shoes/ sandals over and over again. hahahha.

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