How To Sleep With A Movie Star a Novel by Kristin Harmel

how to sleep with a movie star a novel by kristin Harmel

*I have to pay of Rp.60,000 when the original price was 4.99 poundsterling

What do I do after work? The answer are:  read a novel, play psp or just online.

This was the first time I actually have English-language novel with great a story.

How To Sleep With A Movie Star
is one of the novels published by Little Black Dress Book .

This book tells of a fashion magazine reporter who was interviewing gergous movie star and get into trouble with him.

I bought this novel 1 month ago in the TGA Bookstore at Galaxy Mall.

I think this book is the cheapest among the other English-language novels that are sold in the TGA Bookstore. The reason I bought this novel are:  interesting review which indicates that it is also interesting story and attractive cover designs.
If  you wanna buy this LBD books try to check the website for more details. I think the price will be much cheaper if you buy it via online.

Next,  I wanna buy The Host by Stephanie Mayer … but confused when there was no time to read it.

12 thoughts on “How To Sleep With A Movie Star a Novel by Kristin Harmel

    • evelynpy says:

      love the story so much… 😀

      coz i feel boring with the old one so i changed it ^^ * masih berharap bisa ganti .com biar bisa bagus themenya 😀 tapi alasannya sama masih belum ada uang

  1. Oridusartic says:

    Selalu gtu ya. Setelah dirupiahin jatoh lebih mahal.. Pasti gara-gara pajak dll. 😦

    *wah barusan de javu, pernah ngimpi lagi nulis comment gini nih, dengan tampilan monitor kyk sekarang* – (haha sekedar info)

    Btw, dah di link balik dari link page blogku ya. 😀

    • evelynpy says:

      bener…bener….lebih mahal…kalo ngikutin harga aslinya sie sekitar 40rban ^^
      waduh nggak cuman kamu saja yang sering ngalamin de ja vu!!!
      Aku mah sering banget 😀

      thx dah di link balik…masalah link ini aku memang kurang update ^^

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