Found Number 9, at Saturday Night

I’m not thinking for what to wear to spend my Saturday night with my dear boyfriend.  In my brain just lazy grooming … and should wear comfortable clothes.  I only take what’s in front of my eyes.

I borrow my bro tee* new shoes that I bought from an online store

I had a great evening this week!!!! Because for a week I already experiencing high levels of stress. The plan will be watching the District 9 at Galaxy Mall. Fear of running out of tickets we left earlier than usual is at 4 PM.

We were puzzled when he saw the door closed. Apparently we just remembered that this month is the month of fasting. During the fasting month of ticket sales schedule which was originally sold at any time turn into hours of 11am-3 pm and open again after breaking fast at 7:30 pm. The change also automatically changed showtimes.


*stopped briefly because I was hungry and ate free ta’jil provided by sogo to visitors although I am not a Muslim

To pass the time, me and my boyfriend went to SOGO, planning to buy the same shirt since Mangoesteen still give a discount until the end of this month. After several minutes of choosing, my boyfriend finally got a yellow vintage shirt  and I bought a long shirt with beautiful details and not too far from vintage impression … I promise to post it in the next post!!! 😀


* I still love to eat with my hands without a spoon * wenak tenan*

really enjoy our time at JCO*still not satisfied we went to the JCO eating frozen yogurt while waiting for the time

Finally after  dinner we  ready to fight for cinema tickets with other people who are ready to stand in front of the entrance of the cinema which is still closed.  30 minutes we both stood huddled with others and the crowd more and more close at 7:30.

love no.9*love no.9

After the officers opened the door of the cinema, people running in to the ticket sellers to obtain a place at the front so they can choose what movie will be seen first with comfortable seating. They all act like animals who do not bother the other people who also take in line. Eventually I became a target when they fought in. I was also  run but was not accompanied by encouraging others. It turned out that all this struggle to fruition … I was in the fifth line and get tickets with a comfortable seat. Yey…. I found another lucky number: 9 on that night!!!!!


12 thoughts on “Found Number 9, at Saturday Night

  1. Olive says:

    Hahahahaha..bisa-bisanya ikutan sok aksi buka puasa,hehehe
    Akhirnya berani belanja online juga Lyn? ;D
    Btw I love your tee and your vest. You look like a pirates.Can I call you Mrs. Jack Sparrow?LOL

    • evelynpy says:

      wahahahahahahahhaha i love it…ga apa asal jack sparrownya normal alias ga dekillll….harusnya jack sparrow bersih seperti di public enemy baru aku mau wakakakakaka….
      itu sepatu yang belanja via online yang bermasalah itu ^^

    • evelynpy says:

      selera film kita beda buk..i love sci-fi movie….love the theme so much, so uniqly… aktornya juga bermain sangat…bagus…..beda sama sci-fi lainnya tapi kalo nggak suka yang berdarah just choosed another movie ^^

      really? i think red better than blue sis…i never love blue…hahahahahaha

  2. Olive says:

    Jack Sparrow kurang seru kalo gak dekil Lyn,hehehe
    Tapi kalo giginya lebih rapih dikit aja gw makin tergila-gila deh,hahaha
    Harus di kawat tuh kayaknya!hihihi

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