Nature Of Women or What?

Can you imagine that in one place all of them are women  and you are a new child with all the short comings.

What are you going to do and what will they do to you?

Makes you as a friend or a slow shift?

What would you do if they really do not want to accept you and will kick your ass?
Whether it was because of the nature of women who are jealous and nosy or it’s a workplace culture that is very normal.


8 thoughts on “Nature Of Women or What?

  1. Eva Internazionale says:

    Rule no. 1: you act nice to everyone at all times. If they don’t have a reason to treat you badly, they won’t. You can win them over that way too. But you have to be persistent.

    Thank you for your nice comment!

  2. Annejo says:

    I’ve been in some sort of situations like that…woow… scary !!!! At that time I was relax…cos for me.. no men there means no need to compete…wkwkkwkkkwkkw

    • evelynpy says:

      wah…..long time ya no c u around yup…yup…thats why masa percobaan itu 3 bulan….now i think i can handle them and always do my best everyday to show that i can do everything in good direction ^^

      aura positif kan nggak semua orang punya tapi emang aku selalu melakukan hal yang positif biar semua aura itu keluar ^^

  3. zee says:

    Curiga dan berpikir yg bukan-bukan memang kerap menghantui kita. Kuncinya mungkin selalu berpikir positif aja ya. Kalo kita menebarkan aura positif, biasanya menular jg pada yg lain :).

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