Finally I Can Breath…

Finally I could collect my thesis at 20th May 2009…after I spend 6 hours, started from 6pm-12am at a photocopy. I yes I did it… One step closer to get my bachelor degree! I have to prepare everything to present my thesis before the faculty next week…but…..

Angel n Demon, love japanese food* This is what i wore to watched Angels n Demons, n i really love Japanese food*

I wanna refresh my brain with for a while…i watched Angels and Demons with my boyfriend n today I watching Night At The Museum 2.

I think the both of them was not too good. Perhaps it was a dilemma for the film that is too advanced imposed because of the commercial view. I think Angels and Demons more better than Da Vinci Code.

Me n shenny at Dante

* Shenny n Me at Dante Cafe…as always i ate Dorry Fish n for the second time online using my PSP*

Talking about the film, I always want to enter the film world so easily, and most bring a happy ending. I hope that will happen on my thesis. I can run the presentation correctly and get a good score. Amin…

Up to toe = denim...* Hah!! Finally i can smile ^^

Oh ya one thing that I can get after watched Night at the Museum 2:

“Happiness does not come because you do something that you consider it looks good in front of people but not actually.
Happiness comes when you really like what you do.”


If you are stress, stop  doing what you’re doing!!! Pray is the best answer to make your heart calm down, after that continue to work with positive thinking and do the best. Do not let time chasing you, but chase time with all your strength to get the perfect result.

Ah … since when I turned into a philosopher? 😆


13 thoughts on “Finally I Can Breath…

  1. Fenty says:

    Pengen banget nonton night at the museum 2 … huhuhu
    Selamat ya skripsinya udah kelar 🙂

    Anyway, fotonya ngeditnya pake apa toh ?? :d

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