J.COOl fix my heart!

J.CoolHmm… yummy…

I spent my day at  Surabaya Town Square with Mr. Nanang as my lecture, Hana, Kevin n also with my fam.

Mr. Nanang, Hana, Kevin n me met  at Quali to discussed our thesis together coz we have to finish our thesis before May 20th, 2009.

U know what…i feel not in a good mood on that day n wanna angry with my self coz i try so hard to do my thesis but the result was so far from A.

I have to find some books talkin about gay, media, and serial murder n  the books  so hard to find…somebody pls help me!!


To fix my heart i try the new varian of J.CO  called J.Cool.  I don’t like yogurt before but after i ate J.Cool… i think i become big fans of yogurt.. I bought only 25IDR or 3$ n we can put 3 toppings in it..

My fatherToo old to play those game? Hm…i don’t think so!!

To fix my brain me n my fam went to  Timezone… I play Rambo, my father play some car race n my bro play some motorcycle race…

My lil broLook at his face…so cute!

Right now…i’m confused…not confident with my self n my abbility to do my thesis… but i’m always optimistic n try to get away my lazy mood. 😀


18 thoughts on “J.COOl fix my heart!

    • evelynpy says:

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yup…if sour sally open it store in Surabaya i think i’m gonna change my mine. ^^

      Hahahahahahahaha yup thats my lil bro… so cute… i try do not to fed up..i always do my best!

  1. Fenty says:

    aduh seandainya aku gak salah jurusan dan masuk komunikasi atau bahasa untuk S2ku, pasti aku gak semalas ini untuk ngerjain tesisku 😦

    anyway, sumpah aku penasaran sama J Cool 😀

  2. titiw says:

    Waa.. tambah aja nih orang yg refer J cool enak.. coba ah.. eh anyway adekmu lutu banget ya eve!! rasanya itu pipinya pengen aku isep!… hihiiihihihi,,

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