I wanna be a superhero

Sporty gal

What i wore at Plaza Tunjungan Surabaya last Sunday with my hubby. Finally he come back from Bandung! Yey! He gave me Kartika Sari bolen..hm…yummy!

My father said that i’m too old wore those sneakers to go to the mall but i don’t care!! I just feel comfy using it because i’m the bigest fans of sneakers. I wore sneakers sinceย  junior high so… for me using sneakers kinda i eat rice everyday!! I bought those yellow sneakers at Sungai Wang, Malaysia.


To celebrate Surabaya Shopping Festival 2009, the malls in Surabaya has some promo or sale.ย  Last sunday i had to wait 30 minutes before i got parking.ย  Lucky me i still got perfect place to saw Wolverine eventhough the price was killing my wallet! Before saw the movie i had met Sheny, my bestie.


I wanna be a superhero after i saw this move… but for me Wolvarine = bad story but has a great effect, i can’t denied it!

Talkin about my thesis…oh…after decided to take a break n saw Boys Before Flowers ( Korean Soup Opera) i still have to do my thesis with a lot of presure… Chapter 4, data analysis is chasing me…ย  wish me luck guys!

Oh May 20th.. i’m coming…


11 thoughts on “I wanna be a superhero

  1. titiw says:

    Aww.. cute sunglasses, Eve! Heh..? emang nonton di situ berapa harganya sampai nguras uang kamu..? Mahal ya..? Ciyee.. pake belanja Zara juga lho, hehe..

    • evelynpy says:

      Yup…. thx onic..welcome to my blog ^^

      hahahahaha thx ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hahahahahaha… yup…but now i think i’ll try to upload eventhough i still doin my thesis ^^ miss to upload something

      Hehehehehe… 70IDR for couple ^^
      Hahahaha shopping make me forget about my problem… n make my brain freshly…hehehehe n talkin about those sunglasses i found it at my old house

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